“Whether you are thinking of having acupuncture for the first time or are looking for a new acupuncturist, you will be very happy with Verity Barltrop. I can honestly say that … Verity has been an absolute life line!

Verity listens to you; how your day was, how you are feeling, has a situation caused you anxiety, what hurts, how you slept, also, what you are not saying. This is so important as she takes time to really understand your goals, sensitivities and lifestyle. Her nature is of a very genuine, gentle and kind person. How often do you meet people like this?

With Verity, you will feel like there is no one else, just you and her in the room. She really listens, takes time not just during the session, but outside of hours, will give you recommended eating foods according to your imbalance. If you mention something she may know little about (not that often) she will say so and not pretend to know. She will then come back the next session having done research on the subject letting you know if she can help or aid in anyway.

Verity works from the Windmill Centre Ruislip, but can come to your home too which has been a god send in recent months. Verity always starts her sessions on the dot timing wise- you won’t be short changed. The sessions are so relaxing and calming from beginning to end.

You will see how passionate Verity is about your health from the moment you meet with her. I have been seeing her since June 2015- seven months. I have weekly sessions for my particular situation, but all I can say is after 6 years she has made my situation better when no else could! It’s without a doubt with Verity at my side, I feel invigorated and in good health.

People turn to acupuncture as a last resort. But it should be the first port of call when you have an illness or wish to prevent common ailments.

I am currently seeing Verity during my first trimester. Whilst I see other mothers suffering from nausea, vomiting and exhaustion, I have none of those symptoms and the baby is doing just fine during an early scan we just had.

Verity’s professionalism, expansive knowledge about acupuncture, effective treatment and kind nature is most definitely worth every penny. If my family lived closer, I would be sending them all her way!

Thank you so much Verity x”

MS 14th January 2016