The client is a 36 year old female, whose name has been changed to Sarah for the purpose of this case history.

Sarah had an infected tooth that had been causing her pain, and was due to have root canal treatment at the dentist. Through discussion with her dentist (Dr. Gomez) we agreed a treatment plan. I would treat Sarah first in the dentist’s chair and then dental work would start without any anaesthetic injections being given (acupuncture would be the only pain relief). If Sarah indicated that she was experiencing any pain she could opt to have the anaesthetic at any time.

I performed the acupuncture treatment and then dental work started. Sarah was asked throughout the procedure if she needed any anaesthetic, but she didn’t. Dr. Gomez said that she thought Sarah was “very relaxed”.

After the treatment Sarah was smiling and said that she felt “great”.  She went out for tea and cake immediately afterwards and had no problems eating and drinking. No numb mouth or dribbling! For the next two days, although she felt bruised in the area where the root canal treatment had been done, she experienced “no pain at all”. Four days later Sarah felt “absolutely normal”.

Thank you to Dr. Gomez for her co-operation.