Details of new procedures to protect against transmission of Covid-19

I have taken the necessary government mandated steps of conducting a risk assessment and instituting new social distancing, hygiene, hand-washing and PPE procedures in my practice to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission and ensure that my practice is ‘Covid-19 Secure’ for your safety and the safety of others.

Before booking your appointment

I will need to check that it is appropriate to treat you at the moment. I will ask you a few questions, usually by e-mail, before making your appointment. If I decide that it is not appropriate for you to come to the clinic I will explain why.

Before your appointment and treatment

You will need to read, sign, and return a consent form to me before your appointment can go ahead.

You will need to take a photo of your tongue and send it to me before your appointment (see the guide to taking a photo of your tongue below).

If you or someone you live with develop symptoms of Covid-19 before the time of your appointment, please contact me and DO NOT attend the clinic.

On the day of your appointment

Special arrangements are now in place to safeguard you when you come for acupuncture. I have taken extra precautions to maintain the most secure and hygienic treatment environment possible.

Travel light and bring as little with you as possible into the clinic.

Come to the clinic alone (unless you need a chaperone, parent or carer).

Try to arrive on time – not early or late.

Please note that toilet facilities are not available at the moment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

You must wear a surgical mask when inside the clinic (not a cloth face covering). I can provide one for you upon entering the clinic or you may bring your own.

I will be wearing a surgical mask and a disposable apron at all times and will wear a face shield when in close contact with you.

Hygiene and safety procedures

I will explain exactly what you need to do including where and when to wash or sanitise your hands.

The treatment room, treatment couch, pillow and all surfaces that have come into contact with anybody in any way will be disinfected before and after each patient.

I will not be providing towels – you may bring your own in your own bag if you would like.


I would prefer cashless payment where possible. You can make a payment to my account online before your appointment or pay by debit or credit card at your appointment.

After your appointment

If you or someone you live with develop symptoms of Covid-19 before the time of your next appointment, please contact me and DO NOT attend the clinic.

If you get symptoms of Covid-19 within 48 hours of your acupuncture appointment, please immediately inform me. If you have a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 you will need to provide the NHS test and trace service with my name and contact details.

If I get symptoms of Covid-19 within 48 hours of having close contact with you during your acupuncture appointment and then later test positive, I am obligated under law to provide your name, phone number or e-mail, and the date and time of your visit to the test and trace service. Please note that by attending the appointment you give consent for this.

Guide to taking a photo of your tongue:

  • Wait at least one hour after waking up to take your tongue photo (or it may look more pale than it really is). Don’t clean or scrape your tongue the day that you take the photo.
  • Take the photo during the day. If indoors make sure there is some natural light in the room (fluorescent lights can make your tongue look green). You don’t want to be directly in the sun, but in a location where there is plenty of light. Use the flash option on your phone (you might have an automatic flash). If outdoors make sure that you are in the shade (sun makes your tongue too white).
  • Take a photo of your tongue sticking out of your mouth. Don’t point your tongue, just let it fall out and be relaxed like a dog panting.
  • Take the photo within five seconds of sticking out your tongue (or it may look more purple than it really is).